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Trust Marketing enjoys relationships with some of the most successful national and global brands and non-profit organizations in the country.

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Trust Marketing's consulting division has a diverse range of clients across many industries. We have achieved marketing goals in diverse environments for over 3 decades.
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With over 100 network radio stations. Spotset Radio is the advertising conduit to Black and independently owned radio stations across America.
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Play Ode is a Black-owned radio-streaming platform celebrating and amplifying the rich diversity of Black culture featuring radio, news, curated podcasts and more. Listeners can enjoy a soundtrack for their lifestyles, connect to Black communities and support Black media and creators.


From the heart of downtown Memphis, TN, Trust Marketing specializes in Relationship Marketing. Under the banner of Trust Marketing, the organization provides a wide range of marketing services, including public relations, promotions, media placement, production services and marketing research.
Howard Robertson, CEO Trust Marketing


"I was a Black kid growing up in the South in the 1950s & 60s, with a big backyard and bigger imagination. My father was a hardworking man that took great care of his family. Yet, he was an example of what I didn't want to be. He was a Black man with dreams deferred, doing two jobs he was great at, but didn't love. In those days, we all lived in a place and time that Black dreams were mangled and Black dreamers murdered.

He abandoned his dreams to help me achieve mine. So he exposed me, educated me and encouraged me to go for my dreams. I dreamed of making a living using my imagination.

For over three decades this imagination has successfully fueled Trust Marketing on behalf of clients around the world and particularly in my "backyard"...Memphis, Tennessee. Now, as with all wonderful recipes, it's time to share it and pass it on. All my children are cooking up new dishes (under our tutelage and supervision of course) and

I guarantee, they dream bigger and use that special family ingredient of imagination...generously and authentically. I'm sure Howard Sr. is proud."
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Beverly Robertson


"As a former educator, corporate executive, non-profit leader and entrepreneur, I understand the value of vision, importance of passion and the power of leadership; aligning the right people to deliver positive outcomes.

But 'You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people.'

So, we have led and loved Trust staff for 30+ years and they have ensured the success of our clients which in turn has driven our success.

The table is now set for the second generation. The time of transition is here. The foundation has been laid, the next generation is establishing their place and broadening their presence.

Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard of the great things that are yet to come."
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Adrienne King


As Magic Johnson once said, “All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them,” and that’s just what our parents have done and continue to do.

As a young employee of Trust, I had no idea that I would one day return and eventually run the business.

My career path is unique. I spent 20 years as an educator, where what the teacher says...GOES. Now I'm a student again and the newest kid on this marketing block. But, I'm blessed to be taught the world of marketing and all about Trust by those nearest and dearest to me.

As my siblings and I take on the reins of continuing the legacy, it is my prayer that “Next Gen Trust” lives up to the expectations set forth. With the help, hope and belief that our parents have instilled in us, I know we will.
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For me, legacy meant summers working as a preteen in the early days of the family business: learning, doing and building what has evolved into something thriving and successful 30 years later. It’s very special having something in the family to pass on to future generations.
Ryan Robertson


"At 14, I had no idea that a summer opportunity at Trust Marketing just to make a few extra dollars would spark a lifelong curiosity and be a seed that cultivated a career landing me in corporations, countries, and providing experiences I never could have imagined.

From honing my marketing skills at Procter & Gamble, to leading billion-dollar brands for companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Diageo and becoming the Global Head of Marketing for Popeyes… all before the age of 40.

Success for me is now about doing meaningful work. It’s about purpose, passion, peace, generational wealth and legacy.

Funny how life leads you exactly where you are supposed to be. And for me, it's right back to where my heart is: HOME.

Let’s get it!"
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Leverage our experience and relationships with some of the most successful national and global brands and non-profit organizations.

Trust is a premiere relationship marketing firm and a catalyst for growth and scaling for those with whom we serve, interact and employ.
Memphis sky


This acronym is most appropriate because good things come together in pots...especially in the South.

Since Day 1, it is what those of us at Trust have always endeavored to do.

For over three decades, our best work has not necessarily been about catchy or clever or cute. It has necessarily been about establishing character, addressing challenges and creating change. Great marketing intelligence, experience and execution should always be in our POTS.

We season it up. We stir it up. We serve it up.
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Trust Marketing’s consulting division enjoys a diverse range of clients across industries and with some of the most successful national/global brands, corporate and non-profit organizations in the world.


Community Relations
Media Relations
Public Participation/Consensus Building
Crisis Communications
Media Credentialing
Press Conference Coordination


Media Planning
Media Placement (Broadcast, Print & Outdoor)
TV & Radio Production
Graphic & Design Services
Web & Interactive Services
Digital Content Development


Qualitative Research
Focus Groups (Coordination, Facilitation & Analysis)
Quantitative Research
Surveys, Intercept Interviews, Telephone Interviews


Since 1991 when Trust Marketing & Communications was founded in Memphis, TN by Howard & Beverly Robertson, the firm has amassed expertise, experiences and client relationships with some of the world’s most respected and recognized brands. Trust Marketing principals Howard Robertson and Beverly Robertson, both native Memphians (born on the same street), are blessed and graced to have been integrally involved with some of Memphis’ important and impactful challenges, efforts, places and events…collectively for over a Century.

Trust Marketing clients now have the benefit of two generations of experience and perspective as Adrienne King and Ryan Robertson, two-thirds of Howard and Beverly’s adult children have joined and bring their own impressive credentials back to their family business. While they translate and transition the business to the next generation however, Howard and Beverly actively strategize, touch and direct all Trust Marketing business.

Trust Marketing & Communications with affiliate businesses including the Spotset Radio Network and Ode Audio are set apart as African American-owned companies that have evolved, survived and thrived.
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Ode Audio (Play Ode) launched


P&G relationship begins – Spotset Radio
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Emmy Statue


Emmy Award Nomination - Trust Marketing


Riffin' On Jazz Radio Show & Podcast
Riffin on Jazz Logo


R&R on Sports Radio Show & Podcast was launched


General Mills - Spotset Radio
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NC Lottery - Spotset Radio


TN Lottery -Spotset Radio
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Clients included: The NBA Memphis Grizzlies, Shelby County DA, NABOB (National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters) and the National Civil Rights Museum

1998 was launched
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Trust Marketing acquired Mid-South Media. Clients included: Missouri Tourism, TN Tourism, Harrah's New Orleans Casino and Holiday Inns Crowne Plaza Resorts.


Trust Marketing was established
Clients included: Coca-Cola, McDonald's, AT&T, City of Memphis, Regional Medical Center and Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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Howard Robertson, CEO Trust Marketing


Howard is approaching his 50 year anniversary working in all major disciplines of the marketing industry as a copywriter, publicist, radio and TV exec, public/community/media strategist, media producer and researcher. He was formerly a publicist for Stax Records, a Broadcast Consultant for Data Communications Corp., Sales Manager at WLOK-Radio Memphis and Regional Sales Manager for WPTY (FOX)-TV24. He founded Trust Marketing in 1991.

Howard is a creator and co-host of two popular, syndicated podcasts. R & R on Sports on the Sports Byline USA Network (over 100 affiliates) and SiriusXM and Riffin’ on Jazz on the Kudzukian Network both reach over half a million listeners weekly, on iHeart, Apple, Google, Spotify and all other major podcast providers.

His work has received over a dozen Telly Awards, Radio Awards and is Emmy-nominated.
Beverly Robertson


Beverly Robertson, was named one of USA TODAY’S “Women of the Century” in 2020, She is the recently retired President and C.E.O. of the Greater Memphis Chamber and current C.O.O. of Trust Marketing. She was the first woman and the first African American to ever lead the Memphis Chamber in 185 years of existence.

Beverly has had a stellar and celebrated career in corporate and non-profit leadership. Prior to co-founding Trust in 1991, she was VP of Internal Communications for Holiday Inns Worldwide. While working at Trust, she was tapped to become Interim Executive Director of the National Civil Rights Museum (NCRM) at the historic Lorraine Motel. She became President of the NCRM, served for 18 years, led it to global prominence and succeeded in raising $43 million for NCRM expansion, renovation and endowment. She has done consulting work with the Association of African American Museums and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

She has received numerous awards and is deeply engaged in driving transformational change in the Memphis Community.
Ryan Robertson


Ryan Robertson is the youngest son of Howard & Beverly Robertson who has a depth of experience that few can amass in a lifetime. He is the new Trust Marketing Corporate President to which he brings an amazing portfolio of major brand marketing experience.

Over the 18 years of building brands, he has worked with some of Americas premier companies including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and LG Electronics, just to name a few. He has conceived, developed and launched breakthrough campaigns for a number of national brands and has worked in a diverse range of capacities including serving as the Global Marketing Leader for Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken; Multicultural Marketing Director and Innovation Director for Diageo’s International Whisky Portfolio; Brand Director of Cîroc Ultra-Premier Vodka and has managed strategic partnerships and served as Brand Director for Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater brands. Immediately prior to Trust, he was Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Group Black.

He holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from The University of Tennessee and an MBA from Xavier University of Ohio.

Adrienne King


Adrienne is Trust Marketing’s next generation and legacy. As the eldest of Howard and Beverly Robertson’s three children, she was the first to begin working at Trust when she was 13 years old. She received her undergraduate degree from Southern University where she was a Div. 1 scholarship athlete and a SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) tennis champion. She went on to received her master’s degree from Cumberland University. She pursued and achieved her childhood dream of becoming an outstanding, highly-recognized 1st and 2nd grade teacher in Memphis, TN, for 20 years.

Adrienne has just rejoined Trust Marketing and will be assuming leadership as her parents transition into retirement. While there is much additionally to learn, she brings tremendous communications and organizational management skills to Trust.
Cassandra Hoskins


Cassandra is Trust Marketing's newest addition but well familiar with the organization.

She was a community banker in Memphis for over 25 years, spending the majority of her career in retail banking where she helped consumers and businesses with their financial needs. Her career began as a teller at the National Bank of Commerce, during which time she completed formal training at the Mid-South School of Banking program. She was an NBC branch manager in 2001 and joined Independent Bank as Asst. Manager/Bank Officer of bank operations in 2007. She has been Trust Marketing's corporate banker since she began at Independent Bank.

Brianna Ridgle


Brianna is a Memphis native that has a heart for others and a niche for methods of helping people become the best they can be. A 2020 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a BS in Communications, Brianna uses her knowledge in marketing and public relations to help those around her with their newly formed businesses and social media presence.

As marketing assistant and social media manager, Brianna’s goals include aiding others execute their vision and accomplishing their objectives.

Driven by love and support from family, she takes pride in providing the best security, lending hand, and understanding possible to her clients. As a marketing assistant and social media manager, her goals include aiding others execute their vision and accomplishing their objectives.
Amisha Williams


Arnisha discovered her passion for helping others early on. In 2017, she graduated from The University of Mississippi with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is highly capable of executing her role as Spotset's Network and Orders Manager, thanks to her quick thinking and proactive methods.

In 2020, Arnisha settled in Memphis, TN, where she has made a significant positive impact on her journey and the lives she has touched. Alongside her responsibilities at Spotset Radio Network, Arnisha has been working as an administrative assistant for Phillips Media Agency since 2018.

Arnisha takes pride in her family, farming, and cultivating self-sufficiency in minority communities. Her pride and day-to-day responsibilities enable her to nurture relationships within Spotset Radio Network, under the Trust Marketing umbrella. Arnisha adds great value and insight to the Spotset team, and we are extremely happy to have her.
Kofi Apprey


Moorice “Kofi” Apprey, a Spring '23 graduate of Tennessee State University, embodies a vibrant fusion of creativity and ambition. Hailing from Memphis, TN, Kofi's journey is steeped in a rich heritage of artistic expression and entrepreneurial spirit. His academic pursuit in Mass Communications, coupled with a Business minor, reflects his dedication to mastering the intricate interplay of media, marketing, and entertainment.

Influenced profoundly by his familial lineage, Kofi draws inspiration from his grandparents' diverse legacies: a pioneering African American musical therapist, a civil rights activist, and an esteemed educator. With a heart for service and a natural penchant for leadership, Kofi's involvement in civic and community organizations underscores his commitment to empowering others and fostering cultural enrichment. As he continues to carve his path with unwavering determination and a thirst for knowledge, Kofi stands poised to make a lasting impact on the world stage.
Tony Jones

Tony Jones, Independent Writer & Publicist

Tony Jones is an accomplished independent writer and publicist whose bylined work is credited with pioneering journalism in publications such as the Tri-State Defender Newspaper, Memphis Magazine, and Memphis Flyer. Starting his career at the Memphis Star magazine under the name Tony Jones, INK!, he has since gone on to manage media logistics for high-profile R&B concerts and tours, including Bow Wow Live, Scream, R. Kelly, Anthony Hamilton, Willie Mitchell, as well as special record label assignments.

In 2021, he became the co-founder of 16 Bars Entertainment. He currently serves as the VIP and Creative Director, responsible for creating original content for feature films, television, and documentary streaming markets.


AAAM Beverly Robertson
Association of African American Museums
Memphis Magazine - Beverly Robertson
Memphis Magazine
Upmatters Wire - Beverly Robertson
Upmatters Memphis Music Festival


Howard and Beverly Robertson individually and Trust Marketing & Communications collectively have performed at the highest levels on behalf of some of the most iconic, recognized and important clients locally, nationally and globally.

Just as successful restaurateurs pass on great, generations-old recipes to and through their children, Trust founders are sharing special marketing formulas even as you read this. Suffice it to say that their peak performance has yielded unprecedented achievement of client goals and objectives too numerous to count.

However, Trust's performance history may be recounted through relatable Case Studies, provided upon request.


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