The application of traditional public relations strategies and aggressive tactics for public, civic and governmental projects or issues is a relatively recent phenomenon. Yet, TRUST Marketing & Communications Inc. has specialized in this area of public/ community relations for over 20 years.


Competition for the time, attention and participation of the citizens in our cities is fierce. This is particularly true for Gen X’ers and Millennials who, along with their children, will be affected the most by important decisions for the future being made today. Their involvement is beyond necessary…it’s crucial.


During over 21 years in business, TRUST Marketing is privileged to have been an integral player in the areas of: public education, economic development, healthcare, housing, transportation, voting and urban redevelopment, to name a few. Our approach has always been intentional and laser focused on achieving the broadest dissemination of information, widespread participation and maximum results. Hopefully this appeals
and applies to you in some way, shape or form.


So, what’s your challenge?

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